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Losing a tooth is bad enough, but that space in your mouth gets worse over time and can leave you with a concave depression that affects your appearance. Mahnaz Zandi, DDS, MS, at Art of Periodontics in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, is a highly experienced periodontist who can surgically repair and rebuild the bone with a ridge augmentation procedure. Whether you just want to get rid of the blemish, or you’re thinking about having a dental implant, call Art of Periodontics today or book an appointment online.

Ridge Augmentation Q & A

What is ridge augmentation?

If you notice a concavity in your gumline — a rounded indent up into your gum — where you’ve lost a tooth, you might wish to correct it and restore a natural, healthy appearance and increase your self-confidence. Ridge augmentation is a procedure Dr. Zandi carries out to rebuild the alveolar bone that holds your teeth in place.

Ridge augmentation is also essential if you are planning on having dental implants in your jaw to anchor new teeth or crowns, as there wouldn’t be sufficient bone to place the implant in without augmentation.

What causes hollows in the alveolar ridge?

Hollows can develop because of:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Wearing dentures
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Injuries to the jaw

If you lose a tooth or have it taken out, the alveolar bone in the jaw stops getting stimulation from the chewing and grinding of the tooth, which causes the bone to degenerate.

The bone gradually gets shorter and lower, and over the course of months or years, it regresses to a point where a hollow develops.

Replacing a missing tooth using a dental implant is the best solution both aesthetically and functionally, but for the implant to be secure, there has to be enough good quality bone in the jaw. If there isn’t enough bone, ridge augmentation can correct the problem and allow you to have implants and new teeth.

What happens during a ridge augmentation procedure?

First of all, Dr. Zandi gives you an anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the ridge augmentation procedure. Then she creates an opening in the gum to reach the alveolar ridge underneath and places the grafting material in place.

Grafts are often taken from the patient’s jaw, and the material positioned to build up the bone depth sufficiently to carry a dental implant post. Synthetic grafts are also available, some of which your body absorbs and replaces with new bone.

Once the grafts are in place, Dr. Zandi sutures the wound closed, and the ridge augmentation is left to heal. It typically takes about six months for the tissues to heal completely, but once the bone heals fully, it’s able to provide a firm anchor for a dental implant.

To find out more about ridge augmentation and dental implants, call Art of Periodontics today or book an appointment online.