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Mahnaz Zandi, DDS, MS

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If you’re thinking about improving your smile and boosting your confidence by having crowns put on your teeth, you need to be sure there’s enough tooth available to place a crown on. Mahnaz Zandi, DDS, MS, at Art of Periodontics in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, is a highly skilled periodontist who has many years of experience in carrying out crown lengthening procedures to ensure your crowns are secure. Call Art of Periodontics today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zandi or book an appointment online.

Crown Lengthening Q & A

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a procedure Dr. Zandi carries out to ensure enough of your original tooth is there to place a crown on.

Dental crowns fit over your existing tooth when it’s broken or misshapen, improving the look of your mouth and enabling you to eat normally. If you have a crown on one of your teeth, there needs to be a secure and adequately-fitted section of tooth to fit the crown on.

What happens during a crown lengthening procedure?

Crown lengthening is an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be able to return home afterward. Dr. Zandi gives you a local anesthetic and if necessary a sedative, too. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, Dr. Zandi carefully cuts into the gums and eases them away from your teeth so that she can see the roots of your teeth and the bone.

In some cases, only sections of gum need removing. In other cases, Dr. Zandi might need to remove shavings of bone as well. Once she’s taken out enough tissue, she washes the area with a salt solution and stitches the gums.

How do I look after my mouth following crown lengthening?

Dr. Zandi can provide you with any prescriptions you need and advise you on specific things you need to do once you’re back home. Rest for the first day, and use an ice pack to reduce swelling. After a few days, start using moist heat instead. Also, you should:

  • Avoid hot food for the first 24 hours
  • Not rinse your mouth
  • Leave dressings in place for 7-14 days
  • Only brush the biting surfaces of your teeth at the site of the surgery
  • Brush and floss as usual in other parts of your mouth
  • Chew on the other side of your mouth
  • Wear a stent or denture if Dr. Zandi gives your one
  • Eat a soft food diet
  • Avoid anything sticky, spicy, or acidic
  • Not drink alcohol until after your post-op appointment
  • Avoid smoking for the first week or so at least
  • Not prod the area or pull your lip down
  • Attend follow-up appointments

It takes about three months for your gums to heal after crown lengthening, then you can return to Dr. Zandi for your dental implant. Call Art of Periodontics today to find out more, or book an appointment online.