Holistic Dentistry


Using biocompatible dental materials:

Zirconia implants

Our focus is avoid and eliminate toxin from dental materials and we use only biocompatible materials. Also In addition to traditional titanium dental implant, we offerZirconia (metal free) implant for patients who are a good candidate for this implant.


we use Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Dental and Oral surgery to accelerate wound healing and bone generation. PRP is a new approach to tissue regeneration it is becoming a valuable adjutant to promote healing in many procedure in dental and oral surgery. PRP derives from the centrifugation of patients’s own blood and it contains growth factors that influences wound healing, thereby playing an important role in tissue repairing mechanisms. The use of PRP could reduce bleeding and enhance soft tissue healing and bone regeneration in surgical procedures. We use PRP in dental surgeries such as tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, and also in oral surgeries such as soft tissue graft and bone regeneration.

Using of Ozonated water

We do not use tap water in our office, we use distilled water for non surgical  procedure and Ozonated water for surgical procedures and deep cleaning ( subgingival scaling). Ozonated water is free of bacteria, viruses, spores and parasites. Numerous studies have proven the effects of
Ozonated water on acute inflammation such as periodontal abscess. Ozonated water helps to reduce inflammation by decreasing the factors that cause inflammation, also it promotes the body’s natural antioxidant.

Oral health and Overall health

We promote patient and public awareness of whole- person health by focusing on the role of the mouth in systemic health and disease. We emphasize approaches to dental care to consider dental health in the context of patient’s entire physical as well as well emotional or spiritual health in some cases. We promote health and wellness to prevent the disease.


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